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Garden Spray
Colorful, yet appropriate, our "Garden Spray" is a bundle of carnations, hydrangeas, spray roses, an..
Carnation Wreath
This circle of life features a blossoming array of red spray roses and carnations, in honor and reme..
Tearful Tribute Heart
The classic colors red, green, and white come together to form our "Tearful Tribute Cross", graceful..
Love Filled Hearts
A single heart expresses love and devotion, but with four of our beautifully crafted hearts, ea..
Treasured Heart Spray
A wreath vivid in color like our "Treasured Heart Spray" is perfect for honoring a beloved..
Heart Felt Goodbye
Send your love and goodbyes for your loved one with our massive "Heart Felt Goodbye" standing spray...
Thoughtful Prayers Cross
Give your thoughtful prayers with this elegant cross covered in a soft bed of carnations. On top lie..
Golden Heart
Show respect and admiration for a loved one with our massive "Golden Heart" standing spray. Con..
Majestic Heart Spray
A classic standing spray designed with roses and carnations expresses pure love and tenderness. Our ..
Peaceful in Pink
Our gleaming bundle of pink gladiolius flowers in our "Peaceful In Pink" spray, are embraced with co..
Cherished Memories Heart
Cherish those tender memories with our loving hearts, made with carnations of your choice ..
Four Leaf Clover Spray
Cushion pom poms serve as the canvas of our "Four Leaf Clover Spray" honoring the deceased. Green po..
Precious Memories Heart
Recapture all the precious memories with our medly of pastel green and lavender roses, irises, daisi..
Graceful Remembrance Cross
Graceful in thought and meaning, our "Graceful Remembrance Cross" is a gentle touch of white daisies..
Heartfelt  Memories Wreath
An assortment of fresh flowers and plants that include spray roses, safari, and hydrangeas, cre..